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How to order Rejuveno Products

October 23, 2023

You can order Rejuveno products through any Rejuveno Distributor.   The person who referred you to this web site can help you find a distributor near you.


If you found this web site by yourself and do not know any Rejuveno Distributor, you can send us an email enquiry with your name, address, phone number, email address, and the products you want to order.   Our special email address for placing an order is:


Shipping and Handling Charges


October 23, 2023

Please note our new shipping policies take effect on December 1 2023. These rates reflect the approximate actual cost of shipping and will apply to ALL members who require shipping service as we can no longer offer free or subsidized shipping due to rising shipping costs in recent years (including Toronto and Ottawa). Thank you for your understanding.

If you live near a Rejuveno Distribution Center, you can pick up your products with no Shipping and Handling charge.   We have Distribution Centers in Hong Kong and Vancouver only.


If you live in Canada, the charge for regular parcel post (5~6 busines days) is:

CAD22.00 for up to 14 bottles;

CAD22.00 + CAD1.50 per additional bottle over 14 for up to 24 bottles;

CAD22.00 + CAD1.00 per additional bottle over 14 for up to 48 bottles;

CAD22.00 + CAD0.65 per additional bottle over 14 for over 48 bottles;

If you live in Canada, the charge for XpressPost (2-3 busines days) is:

CAD40.00 for up to 14 bottles

CAD40.00 + CAD1.50 per additional bottle over 14

If you live in the U.S.A., the charge for regular postage (8-9 business days) is:


US$28.00 for up to 24 bottles;

US$28.00 + US$0.75 per additional bottle over 24 for up to 48 bottles;


If you live in Hong Kong, the courier charge is:


About HK$70 if you live near an MTR station, about HK$120 if you are far away from an MTR station.

Shipping within Hong Kong is free if you place a single order of at least 5,000PV to a single destination.



For all other countries or areas, please send us an email enquiry.


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