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Effective Jan. 4, 2019


Price List for Retail Consumers:


Code Product Name Size Hong Kong Canada U.S.A. and all other countries PV
103 Omega-3 Fish Oil (65% EPA+DHA) 60 CAPS




104 Glucosamine Chondroitin (Joint formula) 60 CAPS HK$613 CAD113.00 US$79.10 250
106 MSM 90 CAPS HK$369 CAD68.00 US$47.60 148
111 RD2 (Reishi formula) 60 CAPS HK$715 CAD133.00 US$92.30 250
112 CM2 (Cordyceps formula) 60 CAPS HK$613 CAD113.00 US$79.10 250
113 Strawberry-flavoured Omega-3 Fish Oil (70% EPA+DHA) 60 CAPS HK$388 CAD72.00 US$49.70 125
115 Ginkgo PC (3-in-1 Brain Tonic) 60 CAPS HK$450 CAD83.00 US$58.10 63
117 RP2 (Placenta formula) 60 CAPS HK$1,035 CAD188.00 US$133.50 360
118 Extra-C PLUS (Vitamin C formula) 120 TABS HK$325 CAD58.80 US$41.90 25


P.V. stands for Point Value, and is used for calculating Commission and Bonuses, and for the qualification of distributors for promotion to a higher rank. 1 P.V. = HK$1.00 for calculation of Commission.
Detailed product information can be found here.

Shipping is free of charge for retail customers paying retail prices.

Price List for VIP Members and active Distributors:


If you are already a Rejuveno Member or active Distributor please request the appropriate Order Forms by sending an email with your Member number to us:

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