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Product Presentations in Hong Kong

Mar. 25, 2020

There are Product Presentations in the auditorium at our Hong Kong office from time to time.   You are welcome to invite your friends and relatives to these Product Presentations.   Please call to make an appointment, or reserve your seats in advance.

These presentations include health knowledge and health news, a brief discussion of the applications and features of all Products, a detailed discussion of one Product (background, applications, scientific research findings, active ingredients, etc.), a question-and-answer session, and touching testimonials of the audience.

Product presentations can be arranged at any time on request. Please make an appointment with our sales and marketing department.

Seminars and Events in Hong Kong

Mar. 25, 2020

Hong Kong Seminars

Product presentations can be arranged at any time on request.

Online Health Seminar (free seminar)

Date: Hong Kong Saturday, Apr. 18, 2020
Time: 2:30-5:30pm Hong Kong time
Venue: Any quiet venue with Internet access
Speaker: Dr. Gilbert Ng, Ph.D. (Chemistry) Columbia University in the City of New York
Title: "
New Viruses and Influenza Pandemic"
Language: Cantonese (Chinese)

Flyers: Apr. 18 Flyer (Zipped MS WORD format)    Apr. 18 Flyer (Acrobat PDF format)

As seats are limited, the above activities are for Rejuveno Distributors and their friends only. Please sign-up before showing up.

Please feel free to call 2566-3892 in Hong Kong to make reservations for these seminars and events.

Seminars in Canada

Please come back to this page frequently for announcements of our future seminars in Canada, or keep in touch with your sponsor for the latest news.

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