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Last updated: July 7, 2018

The Opportunity of a Life-time

Rejuveno products are a salesman's dream! They are so unique, in such high demand, so easy to sell, and there are so many benefits to tell! But you don't have to be a good salesman to succeed with Rejuveno. All you need is a desire to succeed and Rejuveno will give you all the training you need (free of charge!) to achieve your goals and have more freedom.

RD2, a unique combination of pure mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) and 15:1 extract from its fruitbody, Chaga Extract, Coenzyme Q10, and MSM, made in Canada, is probably the most potent Reishi product money can buy. Reishi is the number one herb in Chinese medicine and is superior to Ginseng.

CM2, a combination of an extract from pure mycelium of Cordyceps Cs-4 and Cherry Extract, Coenzyme Q10, and Taurine, is probably the most potent Cordyceps product money can buy.   It has many times more active ingredients (adenosine) than wild Cordyceps!

According to trend-watcher Faith Popcorn, the biggest trend today is Icon Toppling, which means that small business and alternative medicine will do very well. Rejuveno is in both fields and has the King of kings in alternative medicine.

Evaluating an opportunity

When we evaluate a business opportunity, five important factors must be considered:

Marketing Program

Rejuveno excels in all these areas, making it an opportunity of a life-time.


Rejuveno Health Food products are the culmination of the wisdom of the East and West for 5,000 years. They are cleverly selected from the most sought-after herbs for 5,000 years by the Chinese (which has the world's largest population!), backed by more than 46 years of modern research in the East and West:

The Market Demand is enormous to the extreme
Health is our most basic need. Rejuveno products are the most effective health foods that money can buy.
The products are needed by people of all ages and sex from infants to senior citizens. The market size can easily be recognized when the percentage of sick people in our population is studied:
Obesity/overweight: affects about 50% of our adult population
Insomnia/Neurasthenia: affects about 20% of our adult population
Cancer: about 33% of all deaths are caused by cancer
Hypertension: affects about 20% of our adult population
Coronary Heart Disease: affects about 17% of our population
Asthma: affects 15% of our population
Common Cold/Influenza: affects 90% of our population
Rheumatoid Arthritis: affects 15% of our population, particularly women
Menopause: affects about 10% of our population
Health Food is the fastest-growing product category in business today.
The public is reminded of health hazards by the media everyday.
Rejuveno products are the King of Health Foods: they can satisfy the most demanding consumers.
Extremely wide applications
Scientifically proven health benefits to almost everyone in the world
Essential for people of all age groups, regardless of sex, race, and belief
New hope for terminally ill patients given up by their doctors
Good for beauty
Good for improving athletic ability
Excellent brain tonics that helps improve memory
Potency exceeds many modern drugs and are certainly much safer to use.
The whole world is your market.
Only a small percentage of the population is using the products, which means the market is virtually untapped.
Top quality
RD2 contains more active ingredients than other Reishi products.
Made in North America under strict quality control.
The quality has been tested by independent ISO9000-certified laboratories.
The obvious effectiveness can be felt by the user.
Completely safe and free from side-effects.
Proven track record: more than 19 consecutive years of no product recall ever!
Low prices
Retail prices (based on amounts of active ingredients) are 25~99% lower than similar products of the same quality, sold in drug stores and health food stores.
All users have a chance to reduce their cost of consumption to zero.
People from all walks of life, rich or poor, can now afford Rejuveno products. Eliminating the cost barrier dramatically increases the market size. Users gladly continue to buy Rejuveno products even if they are not involved in the business.
Extremely easy to sell
The products occupy a royal position in the industry.
For 5,000 years, they have been revered as the Top of Superior Medicines.
Reishi is called the "Herb of the Fairies" by emperors and their people in China.
Their long history in Chinese medicine is unmatched.
They are the culmination of the top wisdom of the East and West for thousands of years.
Ample third-party scientific research data, books, and testimonials support their effectiveness.
Low unit prices make the buying decision quick and simple.
Advertising campaigns by competitors increase public awareness of the products, but can only help Rejuveno because Rejuveno products are better and priced lower.
In practice, the products prove to be easier to sell than any other health food, as evidenced by the much higher closing rates.
Automatic repeat orders
The products are consumables.
Users usually take them on a long-term basis.
The best Reishi mycelium is chosen, and the fruitbody is extracted using state-of-the-art technology.
There is no real competition.
Truly unique products:
RD2 Reishi fruitbody and mycelia extracts, Coenzyme Q10, Chaga extract, and MSM
CM2 Cordyceps mycelia extract, Coenzyme Q10, Cherry Extract, and Taurine
Ginkgo PC Ginkgo Biloba extract, Phosphatidylserine, Citicoline
RP2 Placenta, Reishi fruitbody and mycelia extracts, Coenzyme Q10, Chaga extract, and MSM
Many life-changing testimonials
Terminally ill patients in remission have told endless stories about their life-changing experience with Rejuveno products.  
Large numbers of such testimonials have been captured on video and available on DVD's.

Marketing Program

Consumer-friendly Approach
Rejuveno's prices are strategically lower than similar products on retail shelves.
The program enables Distributors to reduce their own cost of consumption as they consume more product.
Membership is free, and it is not necessary to buy any product!
Retailers can earn 25~62% profit.
Distributors can earn 5~70% profit on wholesale prices.
Weekly paychecks.
Distributors work as a team to help each other.
It is a well-balanced program which pays distributors well and keep the prices low at the same time. The low prices keep the end-users happy and maximizes sales volume, making the bottom line look great!



Goal: Enable everyone to enjoy true health and wealth.
High Quality, top wisdom, top R&D.
Honest, Modernize, Hi-Tech, Affordable to the majority, Enterprising.
Corporate Culture
Practise love and care, helping the sick, enriching the poor.
Offer the best value for money, so that customers can really save money.
Encourage mutual support.
Reward is proportional to efforts.
Never hard-sell customers.
Never exaggerate.
Highly musical.
Sensitive to market demand and changes.
Gilbert Ng, Ph.D., owner
Lived in North America for 12 years
Highly educated:
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Columbia University in the City of New York
A successful entrepreneur and scientist
An experienced international sales trainer
Fully computerized
Has an excellent track record of success and surviving through failures
Very low overhead and operating cost


Rejuveno is a relatively young company which entered the health supplement market in Jun. 1999.
Rejuveno has already established a global team of distributors who have more than 19 years of success in the marketing of Chinese herbs including Reishi and Cordyceps.
At this early stage in the marketing program, new distributors have the opportunity to become the team leaders of millions of future distributors.
The feasibility has already been proven in practice:
Reishi suppliers in Japan and Taiwan have already made and continue to make huge profits.
Thousands of Rejuveno distributors have been receiving weekly paychecks.
Rejuveno has sustained continuous growth for more than 19 years.
Distributors can develop international business at the same time without registering again in each country.
Since 2003, SARS and Avian Flu (Bird Flu) have made the public more aware of health hazards and the need to take health supplements regularly.


The owner actively participates in the operation of the business.
The owner is a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University in the City of New York, with strong research background in drug design.
Delivery service by courier is available worldwide.
Distribution Centers have been established in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa..
Automatic weekly statements for Active Distributors.
On-line sales report system.
Regular Business Opportunity Meetings and Special Topic Seminars are available.
New Distributor Orientation program is available.
Large numbers of available DVD's take the presentation workload off distributors.
Web site give world-wide exposure 24-hours a day.

Becoming a Rejuveno Distributor

It's simple to become a Rejuveno Distributor:

1. Fill out the Distributor Application Form and Agreement, and receive a Start-up Training. It is free to join!

2. To earn more commissions, learn from an experienced Distributor. You can place orders in person, by fax, email, WhatsApp, or at our website.

To get started now, simply send us an email telling us your full name, snail mail address, telephone numbers, and the full name of your friend who first introduced our products to you.  We will send you the Distributor Application Form and Agreement and Order Form.


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